curated by Elisabetta Zerial

Zerial Art Project is pleased to present Embroider the Void, an online video-project dedicated to the artist Camilla Marinoni curated by Elisabetta Zerial.

The video-project by Camilla Marinoni (Bergamo, 1979) tells us about her world and her versatile artistic language that takes on very topical themes, from emptiness to wounds, from care to the meaning of memory.

Crochet is a constant presence in the artist’s works. Marinoni sews the wounds, Embroider the Void, the only viaticum for sensoriality and the defense of life, with a ritual that transforms and celebrates itself as a regenerative source.

Her research through embroidery constitutes a powerful means of female vindication, of identity expression and of self-narration, a different language.

The thread becomes the medium of a deeper meaning, memory, awareness, and pain that turns into vacuous silence. Threads bring back memories, intertwine stories, that try to fill invisible gaps full of indelible traces. Care becomes central in this path, the invisible thread binds all the artist’s poetics.

Soul injuries that each of us carries with us and that they find themselves in a deep and temporary solitude. As an eloquent witness of what life-death, as a cyclical and natural passage, is a desire to share pain and trauma. In a society that is oriented to exhibit its wounds, and in so doing to declare an aesthetic ideal (just think of the media effect we suffer every day), Camilla Marinoni takes us back to the archetypal and ancestral dimension, to the primordial ecstatic of our sacred.


Installation View

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series of 100 papers, cotton paper 100%, embroidery cotton, photos

cm 23×31 (each)

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Pensiero, paesaggio (geometrico)


photography, wool, tissue paper, silk, cotton on canvas

cm 100×100

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Pensiero, paesaggio (in rosso)


ink, acrylic, oil pastel, wool, paper, cotton on canvas

cm 100×100

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Art as a reparative intention, testifying that the creative process soothes physical and psychological wounds and becomes their irreparable Cure.
On this occasion, the new series of drawings Born to begin will also be presented. Our mortal condition is alleviated by our relentless desire to do, to action:

“The course of human life – writes Hannah Arendt – directed towards death would inevitably lead every human being to ruin and destruction were it not for the ability to interrupt it and start something new, a faculty that is inherent in action, and there permanently remembers that human beings, even if they must die, were not born to die, but to begin”.

Alle ore 3


concertine in galvanized steel, doilies, cotton sheets

cm 30×150

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Site-specific performance

copper sculpture

cm 30x80x40

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cotton paper 100%, wine, mbroidery cotton, photo

cm 77x55x5

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Nati per incominciare


Series of drawings: oil, wine, cotton, gold leaf, silver leaf on canson paper

cm 29,7×21 | cm 42×29,7

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