Manuela Sedmach, Andrea Solaja, Camilla Marinoni, Chiara Tubia, Andrea Guastavino, Angela
Brandys, Vittoria Colonna
Curated by Valerio Dehò
13 July – 24 July

The Ex Voto exhibition. Artists for Rosalia conceived by Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona, curated
by Andrea Guastella and made available in the splendid spaces of Palazzo Costantino Di Napoli by
the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation from 13 to 24 July 2022 with the free competition of artists,
gallery owners and curators from the whole peninsula, wants to be first and foremost a tribute to the
city of Rosalia: in the name of rebirth, but also of denunciation, against abandonment, neglect,
negligence. And always and in any case of the vital – at times dreamy – observation of the present.
87 artists gathered in twelve projects or collectives, in which the LUCE exhibition is part, enter into
direct dialogue with the spaces, often seriously degraded, they make them their own, they attack
them or caress them, they cajole them or make them alive: theirs is a message of sustainability,
living together, community, respect.
The exhibition project created site specific for Palazzo Costantino in Naples aims to show concepts
that lead back to an idea of cultural syncretism, balance between the strength of nature and the
intelligence of man. Light, as a form that not only illuminates objects and the landscape but gives
life to a true moral landscape. The sea as a source of life, nourishment and vehicle of
communication between peoples. Dialogue between cultures and religions. These three themes will
be unified by the idea that Light releases a positive energy that for centuries has put emerging
cultures in communication and movement. This strength must be accompanied by beauty, as a
propensity for harmony, to find a rhythmic sense not only of existence, but as a reflection of
architecture and landscape. Beauty then becomes the trait d’union with religion, which in this case
expands to an original and widespread concept, to a tension towards the absolute rather than the
emergence of a revealed religion, beauty unifies micro and macrocosm, giving concreteness to a
quality of living and feeling.
Exhibition opening 13 July 2022 at 6.00 pm
The exhibition will be open from 13 July to 24 July 2022 with the following hours:
10-12 and 16-21
Ticket €3
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