E Stasi
Zuc – Zone Utopiche Creative
Angela Brandys
Desideria Burgio
Andrea Guastavino
Matthew Licht
Chiara Tubia

Curated by Zerial Art Project – Zuc
5 February – 5 March 2022
Via Montebello 22 R
The collective exhibition E Stasi is an opportunity to reflect on the concept of the
Sacred and the Profane in contemporary times. From the Greek “Exstasis”(
Eκστασις), it literally means “to be outside”. The pinnacle of a psychic state
and the mystical elevation of the mind, while today it is also associated with drugs and
sexuality, with an altered state outside of oneself. The meaning of E Stasi has had
different connotations in Western and Eastern culture. Over the centuries,
investigations have developed that range from mystical, tantric and chemical ones.
The exhibition investigates with different languages and techniques the ambiguous
territory that oscillates between a tribute to the iconographic tradition and new
experiments with contemporary eroticism.
E Stasi as a psychic territory that cannot be described in words.
Opening 5 February 2022, from 6.30pm
Free entry Information
tel. +393421638473